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We dispose of your film waste!

We offer the disposal of foils for commercial and private customers.


Small quantities can be delivered directly to us in 27572 Bremerhaven.


If you need one or more containers for disposal, our in-house container service is your point of contact. More details -> here .


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What do I have to consider?

If possible, all waste should be sorted accordingly and collected clean, dry and free of hazardous substances. The better sorted and cleaner the film, the better your conditions. Through pre-separation precious resources are conserved because a separation afterwards is not possible in every case.

Film types

LDPE Folie, transparent

Transparent film



Agricultural films / silage films

LDPE Folie, bunt

Mixed film

Folie in Rollen

Film waste
in roles

More info

Film waste from packaging usually falls under the waste code (AVV) 15 01 02.


The most common packaging films are made of LDPE due to the properties of this plastic. LDPE stands for low density polyethylene. In addition to being used as a simple packaging film, LDPE film is also used as a machine film, construction film, flat film, tubular film, shrink film or so-called shrink hood.


Of course, there are also films made of PE / PA, PP, PS, PVC and other plastics. These special types of film should definitely be collected separately from the normal LDPE packaging film, as otherwise material recycling would be significantly more difficult.  

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