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We dispose of your hard plastics!

We offer the disposal of plastic waste for commercial and private customers.

Hard plastics, EPS (Styrofoam) / XPS (Styrodur), foils, big bags and strapping from production or the post-consumer area are disposed of and recycled by us. The recycled materials are then used again in new products all around the world.


If you need one or more containers for disposal, our in-house container service is your point of contact. More details here.


We also regularly participate in tenders or take part in projects. For this reason, we are also ideally positioned for larger tasks.


Contact us and we will be happy to help with your request.


Some examples of plastics that have already been disposed of by us

All waste should, if possible, be in accordance with the quality, sorted, clean, completely emptied and without hazardous goods labels. This list is for guidance only - we also dispose of other hard plastics.

Production waste of all kinds

HDPE Extrusion

HDPE Extrusion

HDPE Fässer


HDPE Kanister

Canister /

Milk bottles

HDPE Rohre

Pipes, sorted

HDPE Heizöl Tanks Diesel Tanks Rückbau

Fuel oil tanks /

Diesel tanks

HDPE IBC Behälter geschnitten

IBC containers

HDPE Spritzguss

HDPE injection molding

HDPE Mülltonnen MGB


(Garbage container)

H1 Hygiene Paletten

H1 - pallets, gray

(Hygiene - pallets)

HDPE E2 Kiste

Euro boxes

(E1 / E2 / E3 - red)

HDPE Big Boxen

Big boxes / paloxes


HDPE Big Boxen

Big boxes / paloxes



PP - Polypropylene

 PP Produktionsabfall Polypropylen Production waste

Production waste

(Chunks, leftovers, ...)

PP Rohre Ummantelungen Polypropylen


PP Paletten pallets Polypropylen waste


Automobil-Branche Kunststoffe Polypropylen waste plastic

Automotive industry


H-PVC - rigid polyvinyl chloride

PVC KG Rohre Polyvinylchlorid




PS Polystyrol Trays

Trays / Schalen /


EPS XPS Styropor Styrodur Hartschaum expandiertes polystyrol airpop styrofoam styrene




ABS - acrylonitrile butadene styrene

ABS Gehäuse Computer

Computer /

Office technology

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