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Commodity trading

In addition to processing our range of services also includes trading of various waste products.

Several thousand tons of waste are moved around the world by RecyTec GmbH every month. The majority comes from our own recycling plants located in Bremerhaven and Geestland.


The most common plastics we work with include:



Our portfolio changes and is always growing . For this reason, new products and material flows are always being added. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for something specific.



PE 100

PE 100




HDPE from bins

HDPE Ex-Kisten

HDPE crates


PP/PE (70/30)

Big Bags mit Material

And many more...

Ask our team.

Trading with raw materials, recyclable materials or so-called waste products is an important part of the circular economy. In this way, waste producers, recyclers and other companies are networked with one another in order to achieve the optimum in recycling of the various types of waste. Together with our network of partners and customers, we have set ourselves exactly that as a goal. The more efficiently it can be recycled, the more resources are saved.


With our own production sites, we as RecyTec GmbH are not only able to move material flows more efficently, but also treat or process them according to requirements.


Customers around the world value our expertise in this area and we are particularly proud of that.


Bale goods

HDPE IBC-Behälter

HDPE IBC-Container

HDPE Tanks

HDPE diesel tanks

& Heating oil tanks

LDPE Folie

LDPE film
various qualities

Waste is pressed into bales in order to reduce high volumes to the smallest possible level. This saves storage space and enables waste to be transported efficiently between the individual stations. Because of these factors and the ease with which it can be compressed using a baler, this is the most widely used method of preparing waste for further recycling steps after sorting.


RecyTec GmbH also has its own channel baling press, which is state-of-the-art, in order to be able to store its waste in a space-saving manner before it is recycled.

In Bremerhaven we also offer the compression of loose material on a contract basis. You can find out more about this here.  

Shredded material

HDPE Fässer

HDPE barrels



PP Automobilindustrie


The choice to process waste into shredded goods is usually made when the waste still has to go through a washing process. In this form, the best possible washing result can be achieved and the pieces can be dried efficiently. A certain compression of the material for eventual transport between plants can also be achieved.


Kunststoff Granulat 1
Kunststoff Granulat 2
Kunststoff Granulat 3

In most cases, the production of regranulate is the most ideal but also the most complex form of processing plastic waste. The plastic goes through many extensive steps until it can finally be extruded into granules. The advantage of regranulate is that material can be used again in production facilities directly and without detours. Regranulate has exactly the same dosing properties as normal granulate made from virgin material (virgin quality) and thus increases throughput compared to other forms of processed waste. It is also possible to mix in different additives during the extrusion process in order to achieve certain properties in the end product.


There are a number of different extrusion processes that can be used to manufacture the granules and the choice of the right one always depends on the input material and the planned area of ​​application.


RecyTec GmbH is proud to be able to say that we operate several of our own extrusion lines. One of the lines is used for the production of our regranulates from EPS (Styrofoam) and XPS (Styrodur). You can find out more about EPS / XPS here.

This overview shows only a small part of our steadily growing portfolio

Our team will be happy to present our complete range to you. Just ask us.

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