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Industry concepts

Thanks to many years of experience with customers from a wide variety of industries, we can offer specially tailored disposal concepts and advise you on any questions. In addition to the disposal of waste, we have also specialized in everything to do with pallets and other load carriers. We are happy to supply your company with the necessary pallets and, in turn, dispose of the defects and many other wastes. We even offer our customers custom constructions of various load carriers on request.


This enables us to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for disposal & supply of loading equipment directly from a single source as well as to provide advice.


You can concentrate fully on your core business and leave the rest to us.


Construction & demolition

On construction sites, regardless of whether a new property is being built or dismantled, containers are required directly on site. We provide them to you and swap the containers on demand. We also collect sorted waste directly from your yard.


We cover all common waste:


-waste wood; - Styrofoam insulation;

- plastics; - rubble;

- mixed construction waste; -Glas


Container services

Bring the waste collected from your customers directly to us. As a direct processor with our own storage space, we can offer you excellent conditions and look forward to a long-term a cooperation. All of the input material is weighed on our calibrated scales and given to the drivers in the form of a weighing card.


Here you can see which waste you can bring us


-> overview


Other disposal companies

Many waste management companies trust our partner network and experience in processing waste. We manufacture regrinds / granulates from plastics, wood chips from waste wood, recycle waste paper for industry or trade / repair pallets of all kinds.

You can find a complete overview -> here .


Please feel free to contact us.

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HDPE Diesel Tanks

HDPE tank dismantling

Dismantling old HDPE tanks from diesel or heating oil systems is a complicated process. Over time, the plastics in the tanks absorb components of the heating fluid and make recycling more difficult.


It is therefore advisable to have a partner on hand who can recycle the tanks despite the difficulties. RecyTec is the ideal partner for this and is also happy to take care of the logistics including the provision of containers.

Tank Demontage

Food industry

In the food sector, everything has to be coordinated and that also applies to the disposal of defective loading carriers such as Big Boxes, E1 / E2 / E3 crates or pallets.

We provide containers or pick up the load carriers stacked by truck.


It must also be ensured that sufficient loading equipment is always available for the various goods. You can purchase all kinds of pallets, big boxes and other load carriers from us. Ideally, we deliver when we collect your waste so that there are no production jams.


Logistics companies

Companies that deal with the logistics of goods generate a lot of packaging waste such as foils, styrofoam, waste wood, big bags, strapping material and hard plastics. Every now and then a pallet is damaged. Then, in turn, all loading equipment must be ready for the goods, in sufficient quantities and on a specific date.


RecyTec offers a one-stop solution for this.


Our customers often rely on a combination of containers for their waste and regular deliveries / collection of the required pallets by truck.


Production plants

RecyTec specializes in providing direct support to production companies in all matters relating to the disposal of waste and the supply of load carriers.

We also recycle a wide variety of waste directly in-house. This saves resources, protects the environment and enables better conditions.

Convince yourself of this in a short consultation.


Commodity trader

We are a strong partner for raw material dealers in the areas of plastic, waste wood, metal or waste paper. From logistics, transshipment, contract processing to the direct takeover of the materials, we can always meet all needs and situations.


We would be happy to advise you on this in a talk or you can send us a specific request by email.

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