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Tailored disposal packages for your company.

Through years of experience with customers from various industries, we can offer specifically tailored disposal concepts and provide advice on related questions. In addition to waste disposal, we have also specialized in everything related to load carriers. We are happy to supply your company with the necessary pallets and, in turn, dispose of the defective ones, as well as many other types of waste. We even offer custom builds of various load carriers upon request.

This allows us to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for disposal and supply of loading equipment directly from one source, as well as providing advisory support.

You can fully focus on your core business and leave the rest to us.

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21


Construction & demolition

We provide containers directly at your construction site, quickly and without complications. We take care of the proper recycling of your materials right here. We dispose of insulation material such as EPS/XPS and old wood daily at construction sites in Germany. But that's not all!

We cover all common types of waste:

-Wood   -Insulation boards;   -plastic; 


Container services

Bring your customers' waste directly to us. As a direct processor with our own storage facilities, we can offer you excellent conditions and look forward to a long-term and straightforward collaboration. All input materials are weighed on our calibrated scales, and the acceptance is confirmed and documented with a weigh ticket."

Here you can see which wastes you can bring to us.

-> Overview


Other recyclers

Many waste disposal companies trust in our partner network and experience in processing wastes. We produce regrinds/granules from plastics, wood chips from waste wood, prepare waste paper for the industry, or trade/repair pallets of all kinds. You can find a complete overview ->here.

Feel free to contact us.

Andere Entsorger
HDPE Diesel Tanks

Tank removal companies

The disassembly of old HDPE or PA (Nylon) tanks from diesel or heating oil systems is a complex process. The plastics of the tanks absorb components of the heating fluid over time, making recycling challenging.


Therefore, it is advisable to have a partner on hand who can recycle the tanks despite the challenges. RecyTec is the ideal partner for this and is also happy to take care of logistics, including providing containers.

More informations


Food industry

In the food industry, everything must be well-coordinated, including disposal. This includes the disposal of defective empty containers such as Big Boxes E1/E2/E3 crates, pallets, and packaging waste such as film, cardboard, or Big Bags. We provide containers or pick up the load carriers stacked by truck.

Similarly, it must be ensured that there are always sufficient load carriers for various goods. For this, you can obtain various load carriers from us, including pallets of all kinds, Big Boxes, and more.


Transport companies

For companies involved in the logistics of goods, many packaging waste materials accumulate, such as films, Styrofoam, scrap wood, Big Bags, strapping bands, and hard plastics. Occasionally, a pallet may be damaged, and then all load carriers must be available in the right quantity and at a specific time, matching the goods.


RecyTec provides a one-stop solution for this.

Our customers often opt for a combination of roll-off containers and compactor bins for their waste, along with regular deliveries/pick-ups of the required pallets via curtain-sided trucks.


Production facilities

RecyTec specializes in providing direct support to manufacturing facilities for all waste disposal and loading equipment supply needs.

Many types of waste are directly recycled in-house by us. This saves resources, benefits the environment, and allows for better conditions.

Feel free to convince yourself in a short consultation.



For raw material traders in the areas of plastic, scrap wood, metal, or waste paper, we are a strong partner. From logistics, handling, contract processing to the direct takeover of materials, we can always meet all needs and situations.

We would be happy to advise you on this matter by phone, or you can send us a specific inquiry via email.

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