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We are happy to be your contact for all disposal issues and provide containers for this purpose in almost all of northern Germany. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of containers from lattice boxes and battery boxes to standard containers or self-compression containers. With us you always have the right partner by your side.

We would also be happy to advise you and make a suitable offer.


If you only want to dispose of a small amount of waste that you can transport yourself, we recommend our recycling center in Bremerhaven. Further information can be found on the recycling center page.

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Flexible and close to the customers need

Our team behind the container service is always on the road for you and collects the waste to be recycled.


Containers such as self-compression containers or standard containers are available in various sizes and designs. We are happy to recommend a suitable container depending on the waste.


Contact us today to receive an offer tailored to your company and your waste.

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