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Welcome to our product page, where we proudly present a diverse selection of high-quality products. Our range includes several product categories: plastic regrind, plastic granules, pallets, boxes, wood chips, and EPS leveling fill. Quality, functionality, and environmental friendliness are our top priorities. Learn more about each product and find the right solution for your individual requirements.


Welcome to RecyTec - your reliable partner for high-quality recyclates and packaging solutions!


Examples from our production
EPS XPS Granulat

Ex- EPS/XPS - granules

HDPE100 Granulat

HDPE 100

RecyTec Logo

EPP granule

Direct contact to us:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

Crates / Boxes / Containers

Various types

Contact us right away

Wood chips

for material use or thermals usage

EPS - level filling

also usable as cushion seat filling


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