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Styropor lose

 Free styrofoam disposal

We recycle your styrofoam.

For self-deliverers, we offer free acceptance of your Styrofoam waste.

In 27572 Bremerhaven, you can drop off all your Styrofoam (EPS) as well as Styrodur (XPS) waste for free. From a single car load to large quantities, we dispose of your waste properly, thus closing the recycling loop.

For larger quantities starting from 100 cubic meters, we also offer a pickup service for your loose rigid foam waste within a radius of 150 km. We collect compressed EPS or XPS waste throughout Europe.

We compensate Styrofoam in bales from the standard channel baling press at attractive rates nationwide, including pickup.

Best to come by right away.

Compensation for Styrofoam in bales.

We purchase EPS in bales from waste disposal companies and end customers throughout the entire EU (European Union).

We compensate Styrofoam in bales from the standard channel baling press at attractive conditions throughout Europe, including pickup. Shipments starting from 3 tons are already of interest and can be compensated. Of course, we also purchase materials in rods, briquettes, rounds, as agglomerates, or in other forms.

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

Which qualities do we accept?

All qualities at an overview.
EPS Verpackung packaging Styropor expandiertes polystyrol airpop

Packaging material

Quality attributes

  • Color: White

  • Clean wihtout contamination

  • Dry

  • No other particles

  • No odor

EPS in Ballen

EPS in bales

Quality attributes

  • Color: White, black or mix color

  • without contamination

  • pressed in a channel press / paper press

EPS fish crates Fisch Styropor kisten styrofoam

Fish boxes

Quality attributes

  • Color: White

  • Clean without large contamination

  • No fish leftovers

  • No mold

EPS Fisch in Stangen

EPS rods (Ex-Fish)

Quality attributes

  • Color: White

  • Some humidity & smell

  • compressed

  • without biological contamination

  • stacked on pallet

EPS XPS Styrodur Styropor, Styrofoam DÄmmmaterial

Insulation boards

Quality attributes

  • Color: Mix color

  • Dry

  • HBCD-free !

  • Quality 1: without contamination

  • Quality 2: with contamination

EPS XPS Bunt gepresst

Mix color EPS / XPS

Quality attributes

  • Color: Black, gray, mix color

  • without contamination

  • compressed

  • XPS (Styrodur)

  • can contain Neopor

What happens with all the styrofoam?

We give it a new life cycle.

The RecyTec GmbH is capable of producing immediately usable regranulates or beads (leveling fillings) for the industry from the recycled EPS and XPS. From acceptance, sorting, preparation to the actual extrusion process, all steps are efficiently implemented with modern technology by the specialists at RecyTec GmbH. This allows us full control over the material quality, and we can also make specific adjustments to the product according to customer requirements.

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