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Dispose directly with the recycler.

We produce new from old.

We recycle your waste from start to finish. From the collection of waste with our container service to the production of regrinds, granules, or wood chips, we cover the entire value chain for many types of waste. We offer our services to all customers, from large industrial clients to private self-deliverers.

Under the sections 'Plastic Purchase' or 'Acceptance List,' you can find an overview of the waste we dispose of or purchase. Contact us for your disposal inquiries.

At the Seedeich waste disposal site, you can directly dispose of waste such as Styrofoam, cardboard/paper, or film.

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

Acceptance list

We dispose of the following waste for you or your company:

Old wood categorized A1 / A2 / A3

This includes, among other things, pallets, sections, demolition wood, boards, planks, chipboards, construction wood, packaging wood, and more.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150103; -AVV 170201; -AVV 191207; -AVV 200138


Styrofoam (EPS)

This includes packaging Styrofoam from areas such as electronic packaging, furniture packaging, or other sectors. It also includes crates from the fish and food industry.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150102

Styropor lose

Styrodur (XPS)

This includes insulation boards from the construction industry for applications such as baseboards, floor slabs, house facades, or baseplates. Also, packaging from special applications is included.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150102; -AVV 170201

Styrodur XPS Platten

(Hard) - plastics 

This includes, for example, old or defective pallets, crates, pipes, barrels, IBC containers, canisters, sheets, heating oil tanks, and much more. Both production waste and post-consumer waste.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150102; -AVV 170203; -AVV 191204; -AVV 200139



This includes packaging film, pond liners, construction films, or woven fabric film such as sealing sheets for road construction.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150102; -AVV 170201; -AVV 191207; -AVV 200138

Bunte Folie 60/40

Cardboard / paper

This category includes cardboard from packaging, corrugated cardboard, waste paper, brochures, newspapers, copy papers, and more.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150101; -AVV 191201; -AVV 200101

Pappe Kartonage

Metal scrap

Scrap includes various metals that we accept as mixed fractions or separated by type. Examples include aluminum rims, sheets, pipes, tools, radiators, and many more.

Waste codes:

-AVV 150104; -AVV 170405; -AVV 170407; -AVV 191202;

-AVV 191203; -AVV 200140; -AVV 020110

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