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Disposal right at the recycling facility

RecyTec offers industrial and commercial customers a wide variety of services in the field of disposal. Since RecyTec GmbH is not only a waste management company but also a direct processor of hard plastics, styrofoam and waste wood, customers worldwide trust our partnership.


Companies with production waste in particular benefit from our options for the direct recycling of their waste. This also ensures that the waste disposed of is reused in accordance with the circular economy.


Contact us today to receive a tailor-made offer for your waste.

We are also happy to provide the appropriate collection containers for this purpose.


If you want to dispose of smaller quantities at our recycling center, please contact us beforehand.

A brief overview


Wood A1/A2/A3


Cardboard / paper

Styropor / Styrodur



Commercial waste

... further waste that is accepted can be found in our EfB-Certificate

Ankauf Rohstoff

Purchase of waste

Some recyclable materials and sorted waste fractions will also be credited upon acceptance. Certain criteria such as quantity and purity must be met for this. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


An excellent example for this is compressed EPS (Styrofoam) from industry.

We would be happy to make you an offer for your bars, briquettes or bales.

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