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Big Boxen Blau

 We recycle crates! 

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

Crates / boxes are very familiar to us

What types of crates do we recycle?

We accept all plastic boxes made of HDPE, PP, and ABS from the automotive, food, logistics, and other industries. The boxes can be accepted either loosely stacked, in bales, or in any other form.

We are happy to provide advice on how to prepare your boxes to achieve the optimal result for you, further processing, and, above all, the environment.

What types of crates do exist?

We also wash and repair crates using plastic welding.
  • E1 crates

  • E2 crates

  • E3 crates

  • Euro crates

  • Meat crates

  • Fisch crates

  • Big Boxes

  • Paloxes

  • Battery boxes

  • EPS crates

  • EPP crates

  • Automotive crates

  • Vegetable crates

  • Mushroom crates

  • Foldable crates

  • Modular boxes

  • Bread crates

  • Staple crates

  • Organizing crates

  • Nest container

  • Beverage crates

  • Bottle crates

  • Container

  • Tool boxes

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