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PP PE Paletten

 We recycle pallets! 

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

We are very familiar with pallets.

What types of pallets do we recycle?

Both wooden pallets - more information here - and plastic pallets are accepted. Plastic pallets are primarily made of the plastics HDPE, PP, or a combination of both (PO). We analyze each individual pallet and sort them according to the type of plastic to ensure optimal recycling. In our facility, we then process the material from the plastic pallets into a high-performance recyclate.

Help us protect the environment, and offer us your plastic pallets.

What types of pallets exist?

Basic Pallet Types (Examples & Various Designations)
  • H1 pallets

  • H3 pallets

  • Hygiene pallets

  • Nest pallets

  • PE pallets

  • PP pallets

  • PE/PP pallets

  • Asian pallets

  • Mesh pallets

  • Cleanroom pallets

  • Light pallets

  • Recycled pallets

  • Half size pallets

  • Display pallets

  • Container pallets

  • Closed deck

  • CP1 plastic pallets

  • Export pallets

  • Wood pallets

  • Euro pallets

  • Chem-industry pal.

  • Industry pallets

  • One-way pallets

  • Reusable pallets

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