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We recycle your films

Self-delivery to Bremerhaven or pick up by us

At our facility, you can not only dispose of your hard plastics and Styrofoam but also various film waste. Your waste is professionally processed into new recyclates and goes directly back into the material cycle.

The most common material for films is LD-PE, but there are also films made from other plastics such as PS, HD-PE, PP, and more.

We are happy to provide compactor containers for your business to collect the film in a space-saving manner.

Simply ask us about the possibilities.

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

Film qualities

Transparente LDPE Folie

LD-PE transparent

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HD-PE film

Kunststoffsichtungsbahnen HDPE

HD-PE plastic sealing

Bunte Folie LDPE

LD-PE mixed

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PS film (Polystyrene)

Folienrollen Rollenware

Material on rolls

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PP film

What should be considered?

Sorting purity and cleanliness are crucial.

All films should be collected sorted by type, clean, dry, and free from hazardous substances. The better the sorting and cleanliness of the film, the better your conditions. Precisely sorting in advance helps conserve valuable resources, as subsequent separation is not always possible.

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