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Loading aid cleaning

Crate-washing line in Bremerhaven

The cleaning of reusable containers or plastic pallets is gaining increasing importance due to the rising cleanliness requirements in component cleaning, for example, in the automotive industry. The use of a process-safe and reliable KLT (small load carrier) and container cleaning is crucial. In the food industry, this practice has been a standard procedure for quite some time.

The RecyTec GmbH is well-equipped for this service with its own cleaning facility according to the latest industry standards. Reusable containers or plastic pallets can be delivered to us and picked up in a cleaned state at predetermined intervals. Upon request, we can also take care of the logistics with our own fleet.

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21


  • Automotive industry

  • Logistic companies

  • Electronic industry

  • Meat industry

  • Fish industry

  • and more...



  • KLTs (small load carriers)

  • Transport- and storage crates

  • Pallets

  • Blisters

  • Boxes

  • Trays

  • Lids / Covers



  • Transport dust

  • Grease

  • Oil

  • Food particles

  • Shavings

  • Leftovers

  • other contaminations...

Big Boxen
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