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Plastic welding

In addition to classic recycling, RecyTec also specializes in the repair of reusable plastic products. The repair not only lowers costs but also saves unnecessary CO2 pollution to the environment.


Big boxes, for example, often only have a small crack and can be repaired using plastic welding processes instead of processing them into granulate or regrind and injecting new boxes from them. For the repair, filaments made from the same material as that used for the plastic products are used. As a result, all properties are retained and the products do not differ that much from others in terms of properties.


Products we repair ..

  • KLTs (small load carriers)

  • Transport and storage boxes

  • Pallets

  • Boxing

  • covers / lids

  • and more..



- Collection & delivery of the repaired products

- On-site repair of the products

-Sale of used & new products



If a product can no longer be repaired, we are happy to offer professional disposal by us.

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