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Plastic welding

Repair of load carriers made from HDPE

RecyTec specializes not only in traditional recycling but also in the repair of plastic reusable products. Through repair, costs are reduced compared to purchasing new items, and unnecessary CO2 emissions from the production of new products are saved, benefiting the environment.


Many times, for example, Big Boxes may only have a crack and can be repaired using plastic welding techniques. Also, skids or other foot elements can be easily repaired or replaced. Filaments made from the same material as the plastic products are used for the repair. This ensures that all properties are retained, and visually, the repaired load carriers do not differ significantly from unrepaired ones.

Direct contact to our team:

+49 (0) 471 /14 28 99-21

Loading aids that we repair:

  • Big Boxes /Paloxes made from HDPE

  • Dolav ACE Boxes

  • other crates made from HDPE

  • H1 pallets

  • other pallets and crates in various sizes & colors

  • covers / lids

Big Boxen


  • On-site repair

  • Pick up / delivery

  • Selling of new and used load carriers

  • Purchase and recycling of non-repairables

  • Custom fabrication of plastic crates

  • Reinforcing of plastic crates and pallets

Big Boxen Blau
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