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By correctly disposing and sorting waste wood, with RecyTec as a partner you make an active contribution to relieving the burden on the environment. Depending on the type, the waste wood can be recycled several times, thereby protecting forests worldwide.

In this way, RecyTec GmbH recycles up to 24,000 tons of waste wood every year.


Feel free to contact us or deliver your waste wood directly to us in Bremerhaven.

We recycle your waste wood!

A1 Altholz

A1 / AI

Natural and untreated wood (e.g. fruit boxes, shavings, Euro pallets, production leftovers, sections, boards, furniture made of solid wood)

A2 Altholz

A2 / AII

Painted / varnished wood without organohalogen compounds and without wood preservatives

(e.g. furniture without PVC coating, glued wood, floorboards)

A3 Altholz


Wood with organohalogen compounds and without wood preservatives (e.g. furniture parts with PVC edging or coating)


Wood chips


Wood chips

We offer - recycling wood chips from our own production EXW Bremerhaven or including delivery in larger purchase quantities.


All waste wood material flows in and out of our plant are transparent and can be traced back at any time. Through constant analyzes of the components of the waste wood and internal quality checks, we ensure consistently good quality for our customers. Our own vehicle fleet enables us to deliver larger quantities on time according to customer requirements. You benefit from plannable production processes and fewer downtimes.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is waste wood?


Waste wood is wood that has already fulfilled its intended purpose and is intended for disposal. However, remnants from processing and used wood also count as waste wood. Old furniture or broken, unrepairable pallets are good examples of this.

Which waste wood do we accept?


Waste wood of categories A1, A2 or A3 as well as mixtures of these categories.

What service do we offer?


The acceptance of your waste wood and subsequent recycling in compliance with the applicable AltholzV (waste wood ordinance) and the KrWG (recycling law).


The waste wood can be delivered directly to us in Bremerhaven or you can order one of our containers. Our in-house container service then completely takes care of the pick up of your wastes after you place it in our containers at your desired location. You can find out more about the container service here.  

How does the waste wood get to us?


  • Self-delivery within the opening times to our recycling center in Bremerhaven -> More information.

  • Rentable containers at your desired location -> More information.

  • Loose collection by walking floor directly from your yard for larger quantities - > contact

What is not allowed to be in the waste wood we collect?


We do not accept waste wood of category A4 / AIV. This includes wood treated with wood preservatives or waste wood otherwise contaminated by hazardous substances. Please pay attention to this during delivery.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?


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