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Your contact for plastic recycling.
We create the raw materials of tomorrow.

We buy your plastic waste.

Depending on quantity and type, we compensate for your plastics.

That's not all!

We dispose of various types of waste; provide roll-off containers through our container service; produce recyclates; build and repair pallets; clean loading equipment; develop and create custom wooden structures; operate the waste disposal site Seedeich, and are always here for you. The list is long, and we are proud of it.

RecyTec, your competent partner in many areas.

Best to get in touch with us right away!

About us

A few more words about the company RecyTec GmbH.

The RecyTec GmbH, formerly BL Rohstoff Logistik GmbH, is a diversified and family-run company that has been engaged in the processing of plastics, old wood, and other recyclables for over 10 years.

Our goals include processing waste into reusable secondary raw materials through innovative processes, conserving valuable resources, and reducing CO2 emissions in Germany.


With our versatile machinery, we can sort, separate, clean, grind, compress, shred, and extrude waste at our locations in Bremerhaven and Geestland. Our in-house container service complements our operations outside our premises by providing roll-off containers. We handle the entire disposal processes for numerous production facilities, even with challenging waste streams. In addition to disposal, we can offer you the recovered secondary raw materials for your production or undertake processing on a contract basis, such as toll milling. We provide a full-service approach, closing the loop in the most direct way.

In addition to processing rigid plastics, we have also specialized in the recovery of Styrofoam (EPS) / Styrodur (XPS) and Neopor waste, as well as EPP and old wood.

The disposal and utilization of old wood of grades A1, A2, or A3 are routine for us. Up to 24,000 tons are processed annually at our production facility in Bremerhaven.

All processes in our facilities are certified and subject to strict quality and safety controls. We hold the EfB certificate, are an approved BImSch plant, and are system-certified as a final recipient facility according to the Packaging Act.

We process a variety of plastics daily, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, EPP, PVC, PS, EPS, XPS, GPPS, HIPS, PA6, PA12, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PET, POM, and many more.

At our waste disposal site Seedeich, you have the opportunity to dispose of traditional waste such as cardboard/paper, big bags, film, metal, used tires, and more. -> Accepted waste

RecyTec also offers buying and selling, repair, disposal, and construction of pallets, crates, grid boxes, frames, or big boxes. Whether it's a Euro pallet, one-way pallet, industrial pallet, CP pallet, H1 pallet, other plastic pallet or special pallet, we are your partner in all areas for any type of pallet.

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